BRAND INTRODUCTION

                                    CORPORATE CULTURE

                                    DEVELOPMENT HISTORY

                                    Splendid tomorrow's achievements

                                    Splendid tomorrow for industry did four contributions:

                                    1, the smallpox accessories to make a new category.

                                    2, condole top industry research and development production of LED flat lighting one of the enterprises.

                                    3, industry development and production of the sitting room condole top of one of the enterprises.

                                    4, for the high-end brand enterprise with product design, development and production services.

                                    Tian-cai wang, founder of the profile

                                    China association of smallpox industry standard drafting committee team leader

                                    The communist youth league in foshan city communist secretary of municipal party committee of zhaotong city

                                    Visiting professor of guangdong institute of science and technology

                                    Lead the splendid success tomorrow selected to host the 16th Asian games official partner, open the internationalization road

                                    CERTIFICATE OF HONOR

                                    High-tech enterprise

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